Mr Columbus

Born, raised and educated in Columbus, Jack Nicklaus became golf’s greatest star — but he never forgot his Ohio roots

Start at the Jack Nicklaus Museum on the campus of Ohio State University. Face south. Across the Olentangy River is Ohio Stadium. Jack once dotted the “i” there during halftime of a Buckeyes game. That’s a big deal at his alma mater – in the 80 years of the tradition, the honor has rarely gone to a non-band member.

Now drive west along W. Lane Avenue and through the Upper Arlington area in which he was raised. Less than 4 miles away is Scioto Country Club. That’s where Jack first struck a golf ball. It’s where he met his longtime swing coach Jack Grout. It’s where he honed the skills to win a record 18 majors.

Then head north on Riverside Drive that runs parallel to the Scioto River. Eventually, you’ll need to cut across to Dublin Road. It’s just an 11-mile trip but you’re now at Muirfield Village. It’s not only the home to Jack’s signature course, it’s also the home to 8,000 people in Dublin. Jack just didn’t build a course there; he built a community.

Ohio State to Scioto to Muirfield Village – three significant points in Jack Nicklaus’ life in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. These are not just places on the maps, not simply destinations. They are the arteries to his life.